Longest running Tattoo convention in The Netherlands...

The Needle Art Tattoo convention once started as a small one day event with only 15 artists at café “De Graanbeurs” in Breda during the Harley-Day of 1998.

Nowadays, the event is not only the longest running Dutch tattoo convention, but has also grown to be a successful world class event!


Because of the 120+ International known and respected artists working the convention, a diversity of shows, live music and of course the tattoo competitions, this convention is highly recommended by both artists and visitors.

Organization and planning...

Every year the organization strives to accommodate the best tattoo artists from all over the world to share their talent. Beside the already well known artists working this convention, new upcoming talent also have the chance to prove themselves in the tattoo scene.

Planning and organization an event this size naturally takes a lot of time and effort. Since the 2017 edition of the convention therefore Brian Heijboer (IQ Tattoo) will assist Jan Heijboer in organizing the convention, promising to organize a show to never forget.

Long story short...

The Needle Art Tattoo convention is the perfect place to get and share new ideas, discover and compare unique styles of tattooing and of course experience a fun and colorful weekend!