Artwork 2019

Met dank aan Christos Galiropoulos van Blackline Tattoo uit Griekenland voor het ontwerp en design van de 20e editie van de Needle Art Tattoo Conventie.

With special thanks to Christos Galiropoulos from Blackline Tattoo in Greece for the design and artwork of the 20th. edition of the Needle Art Tattoo Convention.

After-movie 2018

Pictures 2018

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Special Guests/Jury-members 2018

A.D. Pancho / Moldova

Errol Buwalda / Netherlands

Guillermo Pokaluk / Argentina


After-movie 2017

Pictures 2017

Artwork 2017

With great thanks to Daan v/d Dobbelsteen who took the time and effort to design the artwork for all promotion, posters and flyers.

Check out his amazing work here!