Sunday June 2nd.

Open for artists, pre-sale & VIP

Open for visitors

End of convention Sunday

Awesomeness Tour

De tour komt met een DJ-Booth, Panna, Bball, skateboarding, BMX-en, Freerunning, E-sport, Fashion Art, Sneakers Art,
Make-up & Barber en Urban Dance.
Kortom een event waar nog lang over nagepraat wordt.

The awesomeness tour provides a DJ-booth, Panna, Bball, skateboarding, BMX-ing, Free-running, E-sport, Fashion art, sneakers art, make-up & barber and Urban dance.
An event where everything about the urban scene can be found!

The awesomeness tour is presented to you by:

Iron Art exhibition

Tijdens het conventie weekend zal de getalenteerde kunstenaar Jeroen Jacobs enkele van zijn gewaagde, aparte werken exposeren.

During the weekend the talented artist Jeroen Jacobs will exhibit some of his awesome, extraordinary artwork.

Zijn werken zijn voornamelijk voortgekomen uit zijn ervaring in de metaalindustrie.
De interesse en passie voor het lassen en creëren van laswerken begonnen al vroeg in zijn leven, begonnen met een simpele kandelaar rond zijn 12e jaar is hij nu beroemd om zijn gevoel voor precisie, detail en verhoudingen. Geen enkele kunstopleiding maar vooral passie en doorzettingsvermogen hebben hem gemaakt tot de kunstenaar die hij tegenwoordig is.

His works mainly came from experience in the metal industry. The interest and passion for welding started at the very young age of 12. Started welding a simple candle holder, now he is famous for his precision, detail and eye for proportion. Not a single art school or education, just plain passion and perseverance made him the artist he is today.

Check out his Instagram page here!

Kids zone

Alvast heel veel springplezier gewenst op het 'jailhouse' springkussen, naast de stands waar je een glitter tattoo of schmink kunt laten doen om net als papa of mama met een stoere tattoo op de conventie rond te lopen en alles te bekijken!

Have fun at the 'jailhouse' bouncing castle and go on to check out the convention with a badass (airbrush or glitter) tattoo, just like mom and dad have or get some face-painting done!

Uiteraard zijn ook de kleinste bezoekers aan de Needle Art Tattoo Convention van harte welkom!
(t/m 12 jaar onder begeleiding gratis entree)

Of course also the smallest visitors are more than welcome at the Needle Art Tattoo Convention!
(free admittance under age 12 if accompanied by an adult)


Small stage


Main stage

Fred Kyrel - France
Fashion shibari / Stylist & Photographer

Circus of Madness show - The Netherlands
  Spectacular body-piercing & show act

Show times:

12:30 - 13:00
14:30 - 15:00
16:30 - 17:00

Show time:

15:00 - 15:30

Specializing in creating clothes made with ropes in colored hemp, sound cables & pearls. I
nspired by existing clothing, traditional knots, textile techniques and adapt his self to the physical model.

All of the gorgeous models will be available for photos, so make sure to have your picture taken as a nice souvenir!

Also check out his social media pages!
Facebook  /  Instagram

Since September 2016 the Circus of Madness show offers a spectacular show involving crazy acts, fire & smoke, dancing and live body-piercing. Check out this unique show, don't miss out!

The show is brought to you by: Bart Bastiaanse, Miriam Olivia, Raven Harper, Rob van S, Jackie Barbareschi & Yasmine

Also check out their social media pages!
Facebook  /  Instagram


Small stage

Miriam Olivia - The Netherlands
Pole-dancing act


Main stage

Tattoo contests / judging + awards

(All categories except Best of Day)

Show times:

13:30 - 13:45
17:30 - 17:45

Show time:

16:00 - 18:00

This very talented dancer is always enthusiastic about preforming, developing new acts & shows and updating her skills through practice. Make sure to check out her show, it's worth it!

Also check out her social media pages!
Facebook  /  Instagram

Best realistic black & grey / 1st, 2nd. & 3rd. place
Best Avant-garde & trashy / 1st, 2nd. & 3rd. place
Best black & grey / 1st, 2nd. & 3rd. place
Best of Saturday & Sunday / 1st. place only

Check out the jury members here!

More to come!!!

We will update the web-page regularly so check back soon.

Tattoo contest / judging + awards

Show time: 18:00 - 19:00

Best of Sunday / 1st. prize only
Best of show / 1st. prize only

Circus of madness

Fred Kyrel

Miriam Olivia

Jeroen Jacobs - Iron Art